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Does sleep deprivation have you exhausted, overwhelmed, or looking like a complete and utter mombie/zombie?

Learn how with The 5 Biggest Bedtime Mistakes You May Be Making and How to Fix Them.

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I understand what it’s like to be beyond exhausted and desperately scouring the internet at 3am, because your babe can’t settle, has been up screaming for hours and all that’s wanted and NEEDED is REST. And especially now during the unique challenges of Covid, where sleep might not have been great before and is now compounded by babe being home with you more, not getting enough exercise, or enough stimulation with others. These are very common concerns over this past unprecedented year. BUT I’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

The below video will help clarify:

– how getting the sleep you need is fundamental to your own happiness and health.

– each child and each family is different and we honor that as we are working together.

– the range of children I work with, which varies from the standard sleep challenges (short naps, night wakings, early mornings), to special needs children, to babes that might vomit because they are so upset and everything in between.

– my research and clinical trials background and how that is used to enhance this work I do with parents.

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Happy Baby Services

Prenatal + Newborn Package

Most of the parents I work with come to me after struggling with poor sleep for a long time. It’s a last-ditch effort. But you don’t have to wait for the problem to get out of hand before you take steps to ensure your child and your whole family gets the sleep they need. So whether you’ve already gone through a bad sleeping experience with previous children or you’re looking to get started on the right foot, this package is for you.

Infant + Baby

Babies’ sleeping habits can be hard to understand because things change so quickly. As they get older, they start sleeping more deeply, but they can also easily get derailed. This might be because of irregular bedtimes, not enough – or even too much – activity throughout the day, or a host of other factors. We’ll take a close look at your child’s unique habits and personality to develop a plan that works perfectly for her.

Toddler + Older Child Package

As your baby grows into a rambunctious toddler, it’s an exciting time – but it can also be challenging. They start to become pretty smart cookies, testing out boundaries and becoming more strong-willed. That’s why you need to learn how to work with your toddler to develop the structure and routine needed for them to achieve the sleep stability they need. After all, good sleep is an integral part of their healthy development.

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Welcome - I'm Charleen.

Founder of Happy Baby Sleep Consulting

I am different than other Sleep Consultants out there. I am exceptional at what I do, because I HELP MOTHERS ENJOY BEING MOTHERS AGAIN.

Your success comes from my constant support once you start implementing the Sleep Plan. I hold your hand through the entire process, so you have no question as to what to do next.

You wouldn’t just get a few sleep tips to try, get a cookie-cutter Sleep Plan, or have your questions answered days later. There are horror stories of other Sleep Consultants only checking in with their families a week later, or never checking in again at all. It breaks my heart knowing how sleep deprived you likely are and you NEED someone to hold your hand through this and get your questions answered!

I was personally trained by Dana Obleman, owner/founder of Sleep Sense. So, my training allows me to roll with ANY sleep challenges you are experiencing… Is your babe overtired and fighting sleep HARD? Self harming? Up for hours in the middle of the night? Has their days and nights reversed? Twins not sleeping well?… YOU ARE COVERED!”