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Picture it, Sicily, 1922… a weary, young mother, sits in her baby’s room; her hair a complete mess, spit up on the shoulder of her robe, she hasn’t bathed in days and her baby is up crying again for the fifth time this evening. Thoughts of doubt swirl through her head: ‘This wasn’t what having a family was supposed to be like,’ ‘I’m running on fumes, just trying to survive,’ I’m EXHAUSTED,’ ‘I can’t keep this up!’ she thinks…. Can you tell that I’m a fan of The Golden Girls?!!

To all my fellow moms and dads out there… we’ve ALL been there in some form or another; completely worn out from sleepless nights and an upset little one. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your little bundle of joy can learn to sleep through the night in a gentle way and eventually everyone in the household can sleep soundly! You might even get your evenings back… watching your backlog of Netflix, or just relaxing with a glass of wine or a cold beer! (I may or may not be speaking from experience!) But, imagine it!

Since we’ve already established that I enjoy 80s sitcoms, Netflix and an occasional cocktail… the hard part of the introductions is over! 

My name is Charleen and I am a mom to my two amazing baby boys, Dylan and Riley and I am married to an incredibly supportive man named Patrick. We live in Sacramento, CA and the birth of my son sparked this interest and love of sleep. I realized that a lot of families might be experiencing the horrible nights mentioned by Sophia, above, and I wanted to help fix it. With that, I became Sleep Sense Certified and was personally trained by Dana Obleman. Since then I have designed personalized sleep plans for families whose babies have had difficulty sleeping through the night and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Being a pediatric sleep consultant in Sacramento, CA has been a dream come true!

Pediatric Sleep Consulting Expert in Sacramento

This is work that I find incredibly rewarding because it is genuinely needed. I do find that some families might not readily share their sleep struggles with others, because of certain societal perceptions… ‘Just enjoy your baby (as he’s tired and screaming in the background), because you won’t get these moments back,’ or because of a fear that you’re the only one going through something like this. To those, I would say… it’s ok. You are not alone! A LOT of parents experience this very thing and I want nothing more than to get you reacquainted with your happy, well-rested baby, your wonderfully fluffy pillow and your crisp, comfy sheets!

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