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To My Exhausted Moms

If you’re burning the candle at both ends because your child can’t/won’t sleep, then you are likely beyond exhausted and needing a shift in your child’s sleep habits.

You absolutely deserve your rest. Sleep is a fundamental human need that we simply can’t live without.

Working with me teaches you how to get your sleep back!

What getting more sleep will bring for you

You can have the freedom to fulfill your own sleep needs. You will wake stress free and happy, once you are consistently getting a full nights rest EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

Without the brain fog, you will actually function instead of having an empty tank most of the time. Being a zombie during the day will be a thing of the past where you will be able to concentrate at work, or at home. You’ll be alert while driving and feel overall feel good.

Self care?! Yes please!! You might be able to meal prep for yourself, or start exercising again, or go get a massage. Who are we kidding… or just watch some Netflix and relax, because that’s what you need in the moment! But doing those little things for yourself will start to become commonplace (and dare I say, a habit) instead of being few and far between. These will all make you a much happier mama, and able to better show up for yourself, your child and your family.

Your relationships will look better. If you have a partner, getting better sleep might actually save your relationship/marriage. No more irritability, nit-picking, blaming, aggression… all of the things that bubble up when we’re worn down and exhausted.

And let’s face it… you might catch yourself humming throughout the day and think… “Where did that come from?!” YOU’RE STARTING TO SLEEP WELL… that’s where it came from!

Get more time to herself

A Foundation of Trust

How we raise our family is such a deep and personal choice and the topic of sleep is no exception. Sleep is one of the most sacred relationships a parent can have with their child, along-side choices in how you are feeding your babe.

You can trust me with your babe because I’ve been there myself. I’ve also been with hundreds of other families every step of the way, through their sleep challenges and gently guided them through to some MUCH better sleep.

I want to acknowledge that there are many ways to sleep your child, but if you are experiencing trouble, I urge you to reflect how it is affecting the family dynamic. I’d lovingly suggest that something needs to change.

Once your child is sleeping better, it is literally life changing and you can experience that too!

When It All Began

My name is Charleen and I am a mom of two amazing boys, Dylan and Riley. And I used to be ONE. TIRED. MAMA. We live in Sacramento, CA and it all started with the awful sleep habits of my oldest son (totally our fault!). He was waking all throughout the night and we were just surviving on the most minimal amount of sleep. My rock bottom was rocking him at 3am, nodding off in the chair, and both my husband and I had to be up for work in a few hours.

I knew I had to make a change, or else we were not going to survive this.

Fast forward to my oldest sleeping 11.5 hours straight a night and my youngest sleeps 10 hours. But I just knew there HAD to be other families experiencing the same weight of sleep deprivation and I needed to share the glories of sleep with them! With that, I became Sleep Sense certified and was personally trained by Dana Obleman. Since then I have designed personalized sleep plans for families whose babies and children have had difficulty sleeping through the night and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Being a pediatric sleep consultant in Sacramento, CA has been a dream come true!

It’s funny how something so wonderful as helping exhausted families sleep well again, came out of such struggle and my own pure exhaustion. It’s great how the world works, though!

Your little one deserves the gift of sleep!


The best way to contact me is doing a FREE Sleep Evaluation. I just want to hear about ALLLL the things!

A lot of times caregivers just find it helpful talking about what’s going on for their family’s sleep and then we go from there. Then you can learn how to go from likely exhausted and possibly frustrated to how bedtime, or nights are going, to knowing EXACTLY what to do in all sleep situations in a relative short time.

I’m also happy to work with families locally (in California), in other states, or even in other countries!! You can sleep better, no matter where you are! You have my support! Let’s do this together!”

10 Reasons Why You'll Be Sleeping Better In No Time

With all the options out there, how the heck do you find the right Sleep Consultant for you? Since you will (or should) be working very closely with a Consultant for a time, absolutely go with who you resonate with. Feeling comfortable with the Consultant’s recommendations and guidance is key to your success.

Personalized Plan

You will get a customized Sleep Plan for your family based on your unique family situation and the age-appropriate sleep needs for your child.


Just so you feel taken care of and supported, we will talk multiple times a day, if you need it, through a walkie talkie app I like to use called Voxer. Personal touches and just old-school customer service is so important these days.

User-Friendly Plan

The one-on-one support ensures you will have clear guidance and no question as to how to proceed at any point.


You will have a support system, a soundboard to bounce ideas off of and an overall cheerleader in me throughout the whole process.


You will have all of your questions answered… as many as you have, throughout our 3-4 weeks of working together.


Your child will be able to better cope with everyday challenges as he/she is getting the full amount of sleep that they need.

Sleep Schedule

You can start to count on a sleep schedule for your child, in order to plan around your babe’s fun-filled day.

Start feeling like yourself again!

Working towards some better sleep practices, you will maintain your sanity!

Improved Relationships

Your nights will free up to allow you to reconnect with other adults in your life, or to simply binge-watch Netflix!... but the point is, you can have your own time to rest and recharge however you like, because that is SO important when raising a family.

Change your life!

Lack of sleep will no longer affect the entire family! When your child is sleeping better, IT'S LIFE CHANGING FOR YOU! You'll get back and essential life need... SLEEP! And you'll start to feel better about yourself, your relationships and overall show up better to everything in this life!

If you have any questions about what I can do for your family, please do not hesitate to ask. Let’s work towards getting everyone in the family sleeping a lot better!

Kind words from clients

Happy babies