Jumpstart to Sleep Plan

This Jumpstart to Sleep can be used for any age child and is just the Sleep Plan only with no support provided. Some families just want a Sleep Plan without my guidance and this is the Plan for you!

I do strongly recommend choosing follow-up support as you are implementing the Sleep Plan, because every child and family is different; what works for one family, might not work for another. I’d just want to be able to support you as things come up. But I also want to honor where you’re at with your family’s sleep journey, too! So, if you are comfortable interpreting and implementing the Plan, then I’m happy to provide you with the information you’ll use for the sleep challenges you’d like to tackle.

Jumpstart to Sleep Plan Package

What this package includes

A detailed, customized sleep plan

A private, 90-minute phone consultation

I'll explain the plan to you and go over any questions.

Investment: $313

If after one week you are not starting to see the results you like, it is likely that this is because there is no individual follow-up support to guide you through the specific challenges you are facing. So, I’m happy to offer Voxer support and access to Sleep Logs in weekly increments for $73/wk.