Sacramento Newborn Sleep Consulting

Prenatal to Newborn Package

Expecting and Up to 16 Weeks of Age

The Prenatal/Newborn Package is designed for expecting parents or families with a newborn who want to get off to a good start right from the beginning!

I will educate you on the importance of sleep (especially for newborns), discuss what a “typical” schedule might look like with your newborn, lay the groundwork to establish a Feed, Play, Sleep pattern, and make some goals for your little one’s sleep.

While newborn sleep is generally not well organized, there are still routines and healthy sleep habits we can start instilling in your child from birth.

Newborn Sleep Consulting in Sacramento, CA

What this package includes

A detailed, customized sleep plan

A private, 90-minute phone consultation

I'll explain the plan to you and go over any questions.

Sleep Logs (If applicable)

Voxer Support

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Graduation Packet

The packet will include information going forward about what 4months old and 6 months old will look like, to keep you confident & sleeping soundly.

*The purpose of the newborn sleep consultation is to educate families about sleep for newborns and give tools to try to foster some healthy sleep habits. This is not intended to help newborns sleep through the night and some newborns are not ready for longer periods of sleep until they are older and their development has progressed.

Investment: $458

If by 16 weeks of age, baby has not developed some self-soothing strategies and parents are wanting more support, we can transition to the Baby Package for a discounted rate of $219. As your Sacramento newborn sleep consultant, I look forward to working with you!