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Based on my trails and tribulations as a mom, I have come across some great businesses and products that I whole heartedly recommend. These are my most favorite Northern California, mama-friendly resources, as well as items I recommend having to help get the best sleep possible for your family. I hope you find these resources as helpful as I do!

As a children’s sleep guru, I LOVE to share tangible tips and recommendations to my awesome moms, like you. So naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products that I use and love. If you take action (ie… subscribe, make a purchase, etc.) after clicking one of the links, I’ll earn some chai money (I love me some tea!), which I promise to drink while creating more helpful content like this!! The affiliate links below are indicated by an asterisk (*).

During pregnancy

3D Ultrasounds


Sacramento Imaging –
Sacramento Imaging offers 3D/4D Ultrasound so you can see what your baby looks like before they are born. Great for families in Sacramento!


Invision Ultrasound
Invision offers 2D/3D/4D and HD imaging of their baby, allowing parents-to-be an opportunity to see their unborn baby in a fun and unique way. I LOVE the HD Live option to see essentially a video of your babe! And Cindy is wonderful! Great for families in Folsom and nearby!



East Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine –
Dr. Vanessa Stretton is a WONDERFUL acupuncturist and specializes in fertility, pregnancy, postpartum recovery and trauma and actually takes the one-on-one time with her patients to make them feel heard, which gives them the space to heal.

Birthing Centers/Lactation Support


Midtown Nurse Midwives –
We came to the Clinic when they were Midtown Lactation Consultants for my mastitis and breastfeeding challenges… we LOVED them. Bethany was wonderful and caught Riley’s tongue tie. So happy to see that they have expanded into becoming a Birth Center in Sacramento!

Sacramento Hypnobirthing –
Karen is a certified HypnoBirthing Instructor and gives mama (and family) the tools she needs to relax, lessen the pain and to shorten labor, so she can have the best birth possible.


California Birthing Center –
They offer prenatal care, natural birth support, postpartum care as well as a variety of community resources. Can’t recommend them enough in your in Rocklin!

Placer County

Placer Nest (Coming Soon!)



Pedroncelli Chiropractic
Dr Mark is my own Chiropractor and has supported me through adjustments before becoming pregnant, sciatica during both pregnancies and the upper/lower back pain that came with hunching over my babies during feeds postpartum!


 New Life Chiropractic –
Raising a healthy family is of the upmost importance to Dr. Tim and Catherine Smith. They live and breathe a more natural approach to parenting and health and are passionate about educating their patients and the community on these principles.

Pleasant Hill

Empowered Mama Chiropractic –
Dr. Kseniya is a wonderful Chiropractor and doula for the Bay Area, who sees all ages in her practice, from birth and beyond. She provides a wealth of resources for mothers in her day-to-day practice, but also hosts the Empowered Mama & Baby Fair every year for families seeking resources from pre-conception to postpartum and onward! 


Taylor Made Doulas –
Lindsey and Michele are two wonderful human beings that help bring our youngest, Riley, into the world. With Lindsey’s guidance, I was able to have a successful vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). I can’t recommend Taylor Made Doulas highly enough!

Breonna Gervais –
Breonna is a wonderful and caring doula expanding resources available for mama and families in Placer County.


Fit4Mom – FIT4MOM supports moms’ health, wellness, and fitness programs for every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy through postpartum and beyond, their fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit. Guaranteed there’s a Fit4Mom group near you!
Sacramento –
North Sacramento
Folsom Lake –
Davis –
Placer County –

Post-hospital and postpartum

Breastfeeding/Pumping Products

Freemie –
Freemie wearable pumps allow you to pump wherever you want to… literally! They just slip into your bra underneath your clothes. I WISH I could’ve used Freemies during our feeding journey, but pumping just wasn’t isn’t the cards for us. But I still highly recommend for the mom on the go!!



Danielle Greenspan, LMFT, LPCC –
Danielle provides counseling and therapy services to children, teens, families and couples that is LGBTQ+ affirming, polyamorous affirming and sex-positive. Specializing in working with children and the LGBTQ+ community.


Insights Counseling Group –
Insights offers individual sessions as well as relationship counseling. But they also focus on therapy for children/teens and postpartum depression. This resonates because I had PPD with our youngest and mom’s overall mental health plays such a HUGE role in how she cares for her babe. So please reach out if you have any questions. You’ll find nothing but love and understanding there!


Marina is a wonderful practitioner who specializes in neuropsychological therapy, which is recommended when an individual experiences changes with their memory or thinking abilities, and in psychotherapy, covering areas like anxiety and depression to name a few.


NICU Family Alliance –
Founded on the understanding that the need for support at home can be even greater once baby and family transition out of the NICU. The NICU Family Alliance connects NICU families with the community-based resources they need to thrive.

Physical Therapy


Resonance Physical Therapy –
Resonance specializes in the rehab of the pelvic floor and orthopedic issues. If you’re having trouble with your pelvic floor region postpartum, please go see Sandy!

Sleep must-haves for you and your family*

Blackout curtains/shades

Blackout EZ Window Covers –
I highly recommend these to darken your babes room during the daytime. Literally having the room dark-room dark is effective in lengthening naps and helps with overall sleep depending on the time of year. They pull off easily and they can be installed/removed daily, or left in place.

White noise machine

Dohm – If it says anything at all, we have three Dohms in our house… two in our boys’ room and one in our room. We take them with us when we travel too. They’re a good solid white noise machine and I highly recommend!

Fun for your kids/family

Baby Swaddles / SleepSacs / Clothes*

Sleeping Baby (Zipadee-zip) –

Covered Goods –
An awesome 4-in-1 nursing cover that can also be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, or scarf!! The Covered Goods nursing cover allows you to breastfeed freely!

BittaKidda (sleep sacs) – Click here to visit Bitta Kidda, Inc.
We had BittaKidda sleep sacs for both of our boys. The sleep sac is a comfy wearable blanket that provides that extra layer of warmth to your baby without worrying about having a blanket in there with them.

Dentist for Infants, Children & Young Adults


 Smile Gallery Pediatric Dentistry –
Dr. Joelle Speed is changing the dental game through kindness, generosity, love, compassion and inspiration. She educates her families and guides them through well baby exams, cleanings, thumb habits, baby bottle decay, and can treat tongue ties!

Gear for traveling families*

Baby Gear rental

BabyQuip –
Traveling with little ones? BabyQuip can deliver, set-up, and pick-up all the baby gear your little ones need. Clean, quality gear, meets safety standards and is fully insured. Cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, toys, bath, bouncy seats and more!

Turn an airline seat into a bed for your child

JetKids – 
Can you believe it… a carry-on bed for your child?! It literally converts an airline seat into a bed, so your child (and you!) can fly more comfortably. There is a very extensive list of airlines who have already approved its use, so check it out before you go.

Kids Play Places in your area


BusyKidz –
BusyKidz is a fantastic indoor play city-in-miniature, where children can play freely and independently, while parents can relax and supervise from afar, enjoying some coffee or tea.

Nanny Services

Capitol Child Care –
Lydia is incredible and really cares about finding just the right nanny fit for each family. She has nannies in the queue for all needs… just occasional care, full-on weekly nanny services, help around the house, hotel room care, or a ride service just for your kids. You name it… she’s got you covered!

Capitol Park Nannies –
Rachel manages a fantastic team that finds just the right placement for you. Capitol Park has full-time and part-time nannies, as well as on-call care, special needs care, family assistants including light household duties and household managers that juggle literally everything to help keep a household  running!

Miscellaneous suggestions/fun


Bringing Up Bebe An amazing parenting book that helped us ALOT! It uses the French parenting style as the model for the American parent. French children sleeping soundly through the night, eat well rounded meals, play independently and sit still at restaurants!! So she challenges the reader… why not our kids, too? It’s a great read!

Coworking spaces for parent entrepreneurs


The Makers Place –
An open-concept coworking space with on-site childcare located in Sacramento!