Add-On Package

Full Night In-Home Package

If the idea of doing that first night of sleep training is absolutely overwhelming, then this is the package for you! My full night package includes my presence, in your home, a pre-visit call to ensure that you have everything ready, my full, undivided attention throughout the whole night of the first night that the sleep plan is implemented. I will be with you as you help your child learn the skills needed to sleep well, offering guidance, support and feedback. I will be able to also guide you through any night time wakings.

*During Covid, this in-home option has been temporarily suspended, but as soon as things turn around, I’m happy to offer this again! In the meantime, there is a similar, Voxer (walkie-talkie) after-hours option, where I stay up with you, for the whole night, immediately answering questions as they come up, which is almost as good as me being in-home with you for bedtime, and/or night waking questions! If you were interested… ask me about the after-hours Voxer option.

Half Night In-Home Package

What this package includes

Pre-Visit Call

This call will ensure that you have everything ready for our ful night together.

One-on-one personalized in-home support

I will be with your family between ~6:30-6:00am offering you guidance, support and immediate feedback as you go through the process. I will be there seeing how your child is reacting and we will be able to change course in the moment. I will guide you through any night wakings as they arise and will balance your sleep needs as well as your child’s. Families who have purchased this package appreciate the accountability it provides. It is just enough support to keep them confident flying solo on future nights while we are working together.

*Additional mileage fee may be added for out-of-area clients

Add-on Investment: $1,540