Sacramento CA Baby Sleep Training

Voxer FAQs

Want to learn more about Voxer and why this is an incredible opportunity for you?

Voxer is a live, push-to-talk, messaging app. You push the button to talk and I can hear you on the other end as you speak. Everything is also simultaneously recorded, so we can play back any message later.

If you are a busy parent, always on the go, or simply just like the convenience of an easy way to communicate, then Voxer’ing back and forth with me is for you.

Can I Voxer Charleen when I think of a question and I’m…

just walking in to the office? – yep!

taking my child on a stroller walk? – yes!

walking the dog? – roger!

on a break at work? – absolutely!

just finished with putting my child down for a nap? – affirmative!

in the shower? – you betcha (if your phone is water resistant)!

Voxer works over any cellular data network (2G, 3G, 4G, EDGE, LTE) and over WiFi. Anywhere there’s a data signal, you can Vox with me.

It’s a free app that you can download onto any iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod), or Android device.

Our ongoing communication and my follow-up support is where I can ensure the plan is working and make any recommendations of change while you implement your sleep plan.

Voxer is superior to phone calls as we check in throughout or time together.

I’ve worked with a lot of busy parents and it can be hard to find a stretch within the day for a call that actually fits into their calendar. A call that might have looked good while scheduling it, can often become a problem the day-of, if naps don’t land right, or if you’re in the car the moment of our call, or you have a last minute appointment to get to. Voxer bypasses all of that and allows you to send messages on the go, the moment you have a question.

Voxer is better than emails and texting.

Voice is the best way to communicate, especially during a time as emotional and challenging as your child’s lack of sleep. It allows clarity in tone and intent, that email and text just can’t provide. And, let’s be honest, have you ever tried to sit down and write an email tied to something as complicated as sleep troubles?… It’s EXHAUSTING! Voxer removes the need to type a lengthy email/text and allows you to quickly move on with your day.

You can Voxer me as many times as you like during your follow-up support period. As soon as you send your message, I will Voxer back within 24hrs during the week and within 48hrs on the weekend. During the weekend, I typically check Voxer on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons*. Messages will not normally be returned between the hours of 5:00pm and 7:00am Pacific Standard Time.

*Before offering Voxer, I was not available for support on the weekend, but now I want to be more accessible during our time together.

If you haven’t ever used Voxer before, I’m sure there is some nervousness about trying something new. Heck! I was brought kicking and screaming into the iPhone age, myself. Granted this was years ago, but I was content with my flip-phone and I didn’t want to be accessible 24/7. But now the applications are wonderful and limitless, now that I have access to Amazon and can stream The Walking Dead on my phone!

Even with your current sleep challenges, there might be some parallels there too… lack of sleep and exhaustion might be the new norm and it might seem like there’s no other way to live. But I assure you, there is a light (sleep) at the end of the tunnel for you and your child. Just give Voxer a try! I believe you’ll be happy with its ease of use and being able to get a hold of me faster than other ways of communication.